E A T I N G: R A W/V E G A N

During Amy’s visit we explored vegan and raw food preparations.  Though one night after one two many beers and an evening of attempted noodling, we ate greens and bacon with mayonaise on homemade bread.  We weren’t too hardcore about our decision to go RAW, but did manage to explore a few staples during Amy’s stay.

We did get to experiment with eating lots of greens, raw pizza with sprouted spelt crust, watermelon cocktails, a vegan nacho night followed by a giant communal cashew cheese sundae.  Amy showed us how to make watermelon gazpacho and thankfully left the recipe.  Much of our RAW inspiration came from The World Goes Raw Cookbook.  Friends from KC Sarah & Les joined us for vegan nacho/PEQUIG-N-OKEE night!

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