Pequignot Palace is an interdisciplinary residency in northern, rural Missouri.  Our mission is to support personal projects that stoke individual and collective passions.  The Palace holds space to mesh creative acts, construction, environment, and lifestyle into a living culture.  There is an open call to a wide field of disciplines to attract creatives, thinkers, learners, dreamers, tinkerers and doers to an open, hands-on environment.  The Palace is a temporary site for creative endeavors.   Therefore, we seek individuals and collectives who are interested in temporary works, media, performance, culinary experimentation, hand work, and research.   There is an agricultural aspect of the residency that will allow visitors to become a part of the living cycle by tending to the chickens, assisting in the garden, learning and experimenting with fermentation, and cooking holistically.

Residents can apply for stays as short as 24 hours to as long as two weeks.  Click here to apply!

Amenities include:

  • Master Bedroom™ with a jacuzzi, double sinks, shower, walk in closet, and a sky light.  Spacious enough for a collaborative group.
  • Studio Workshop
  • Large, stocked kitchen
  • Growing library
  • Access to Wi-Fi, scanner
  • Barn with stables and loft
  • Humble garden
  • Land to explore


Abbe Findley is an interdisciplinary artist who directs and curates the residency.  Her work explores movement, drawing, video, sound, and performance while experimenting and exploring the possibilities of daily practice and designing ones way of life.  FUTURE ENERGETICS is her newest project/blog which aims to curate an educational resource for those interested in building their own off-grid tiny home.   Abbe plans to move to Brooklyn in the fall to work on designing a mobile kitchen, acquaint herself with SketchUp as to understand how the CNC Router works, view art,  and share experimental explorations with friends.  She is a current player/student of the  Herbal Coaching Community, an online game/school that teaches one the knowledge and practice of herbalism.  In addition Abbe is finishing up a video entitled Harvester that will feature sound by Cameron Stallones of Sun Araw, working on small paintings, dancing around the globe through Google street view, and designating her wardrobe to one color a season.  Check out more of her dance videos here.


Dale Szafranski is a long term resident and artist at the Palace.  He helps with the culinary aspect of the residency, researching recipes and cooking technologies.  Dale makes music, paints, does interior design, dream journals, and is an experimental chef.


*The logo featured on the front page was designed by Field Trip Publishing,  a Kansas City based collaborative project founded and staffed by Eric Dobbins and Kelly John Clark.