REOPEN APRIL-AUGUST 2013.  Check back in early fall for application information regarding next season!

The Pequignot Palace has an open, rolling admissions policy.  Anyone, anywhere, can apply anytime.  We invite all disciplines to join us in exploring and creating.  Applying and attending is free.  Though donations are accepted to help pay for food and utilities.

The Palace is a space devoted to temporary or easily transported work.  Anything constructed must be deconstructed and materials removed from site.

To apply to the Pequignot Palace Residency Program send the following information to:

or send a hard copy to:

PALACE PEOPLE, P.O. Box 262, New Hampton, MO 64471


1. Name

2. Dates proposed for residency (2 week maximum, longer stays will be evaluated upon completion of application)

3. What intentions will you be bringing to the Palace?

4.  CV or a list of experiences, skills, objectives you feel are relevant to your practice

+ Any other relevant information including allergies, prohibitive lifestyle choices, special skills, particular interests, etc.



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